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This section provides all that useful admin information that you need to know, including Diploma 2 Degree, mitigating circumstances, change of status requests and how to report absences.

  • Updating your details

    It is important that you keep us informed of any changes to your personal or medical information.

    If you do need to inform us of a change to your name, address (home/permanent address, or term time address), telephone numbers or emergency contact details, you should log in to myUCA, click on the myRecords tab and choose the relevant option (depending on the time of year, you may need to change the page, using the tabs on the left).

    Here you can also update your Study Trip Details found on the right-hand side of the MyRecords page.

  • Attendance/Absence Request

    In order to have the best chance of achieving your full potential, you are expected to have 100% attendance. If you have less than 90% attendance you will need to meet with the Programme Director to address this.

    A copy of the FE Attendance Policy can be found on the University Regulations page. In particular, please familiarise yourself with the Student Attendance FAQs which provide information on when and how to report any absences.

  • Mitigating Circumstances

    You are responsible for managing your learning throughout the duration of your studies and as such you are expected to manage any unexpected life events that might occur.  The University does however recognise that you may experience circumstances beyond your control, which may negatively affect your ability to submit your assessments or your assessment performance.  In these cases you may be able to submit a mitigating circumstances claim.

    To find out if you are eligible to apply for a Mitigating Circumstances extension, you are advised to download a copy of the Mitigating Circumstances form & Guidance found on the Course Related tab of the University Regulations page. You are also advised to contact your Course team to inform them of your intention to apply.

  • Proof of student status/bank letter

    You can access them through myUCA!

    To request a letter, log into myUCA using your network login:

    • Click on myRecords at the top
    • Click on Student Home on the left
    • Click on Request a Council Tax/Proof of Status Letter or Request a Bank Letter

    Once requested, letters are available for collection from your Campus Registry Office. Please allow at least 2 working days before collecting them.

    Students not regularly on campus (such as Postgraduate Research students, or during the summer break) can request the letter to be posted to them. Please request the letter through myRecords as usual and then contact Student Systems on 01252 892676 or email myrecordshelp@ucreative.ac.uk.

  • Diploma 2 Degree

    Our Diploma 2 Degree scheme helps you secure your degree place for after you have passed your pre-degree course. The scheme is available if you're on one of these UCA courses:

    • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
    • Extended Diploma in Art & Design
    • Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production & Technology
    • Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art & Design
    • International Foundation in Art, Design & Media

    How does the scheme work?

    To get your place through our Diploma 2 Degree scheme, you'll need to do the following.

    1. Discuss with your course tutor which UCA course you want to progress to, and notify us of your chosen course via the apply tab in myRecords. You should only select the one course to progress to.

    2. Your Programme Director will approve the offer and you will receive an offer of a place. No application is needed - we'll do everything for you. This offer may be conditional on your meeting the academic entry requirements for the course - for course specific entry requirements, please visit the individual course pages.

    If you'd like more information about the scheme and progression opportunities in general, please speak to your tutor.

  • View your marks and feedback

    You can access them through myUCA!

    To view your feedback, just follow these steps:

    • Log into myUCA using your network login
    • Click on your course, found on the home page under Courses and Units
    • Click on Unit Feedback on the left-hand pane.

    To view your marks, just follow these steps:

    • Log into myUCA using your network login
    • Click on myRecordsat the top
    • Click on Student Homeon the left
    • Click on View My Marks
    • Use the options on screen to view your marks.

    Remember that you should also use myRecords if you need to change your address, telephone number or emergency contact. You can also request Council Tax Exemption and Bank Account letters. If you need a general proof of your student status for another purpose, the Council Tax letter will also serve this purpose.

  • Change of Status

    If you need to consider one of the following options:

    • Transferring to another course at UCA
    • Transferring to a course at a different university
    • Withdrawing from your course of study

    It is important to seek advice before making any final decision as this decision may affect any future return to study or have financial implications and you may have more options than you think!

    Your Programme Director will be able to advise on academic matters and often be able to provide practical advice about ways to resolve the problems you are having.

    Your Course Administrator in the Campus Registry Office will be able to assist if you are struggling to contact the appropriate academic member of staff.

    Student Services offer confidential advice to students. They are also often able to contact the relevant people to help you sort out your problems (whether an internal UCA department or an external organisation such as the Student Loans Company).

    Your Campus Students’ Union Representative will be able to help if you are struggling to know where to start and provide practical advice and support whilst you are coming to any decision.

    You may also find UCA's Student Regulations and the Student Loans Company useful. These cover fees and other potential financial implications for students who interrupt, transfer or withdraw from study.

    Most importantly, don't put it off - seek help as soon as you are considering any change to your study. You may find that the longer you leave it, the more difficult it becomes to find the most appropriate and timely solution for you?

    Once you have received appropriate advice, if you decide to transfer or withdraw, contact your Campus Registry Office to arrange to complete a Change of Status form.

    This will need to be authorised by your Programme Director, after which the Campus Registry Office will ensure it is forwarded to Student Records, who will make the required amendments to your student record, and where required inform any appropriate external agencies, including the Student Loans Company or the UK Borders Agency.

    You should note that it can in some instances take some time to process a change of status, particularly during long vacation periods and during busy times for the university including enrolment.

  • Student Services & Support

    Our various Student Services teams are here to help, guide and support you through the many aspects of your university life.

    We want your time at UCA to be rewarding, exciting and fun but we also recognise that there may be times when you need some additional support and guidance to get the most out of your time with us.

    Accessed through our Gateway, our specialist staff can provide you with information, advice and guidance on various aspects of your personal and academic life.

    We can also help with any questions or queries you may have, or point you in the right direction of other university staff who may be able to help you.

    For more information and to access support please visit our Student Services page.

  • Specialist Equipment Pack/Materials Charge

    The course will pay for, or subsidise, most of the essential materials used during studio activities such as drawing and in practical workshops. There will however be some costs incurred during your course:

    Specialist Equipment Pack & Artist Consumables

    We ask that all students acquire a Specialist Equipment Pack & Artist Consumables.

    Materials Charge

    There is also a separate University Materials Charge which contributes to university provisions such as library facilities, workshops, computers and general studio materials. Students under the age of 19 years at the start of their course must pay this Materials Charge during online enrolment; for students aged over 19 at the start of the course the Materials Charge is included in the course fee.

    How do I pay?

    For information on where to pay for the Specialist Equipment Pack and the University Materials Charge, please refer to your Course Welcome Guide. Please contact your Course Administrator if you have any questions regarding these charges or are having trouble in locating the payment pages.

  • Contact Campus Registry

    Your course administrator is shown under the "View My Marks" link on the Student Home page of myRecords.

    Should you have a general enquiry, you can also contact your Campus Registry office by emailing one of the email addresses below:

    Canterbury: campusregistrycanterbury@uca.ac.uk
    Epsom: campusregistryepsom@uca.ac.uk
    Farnham: campusregistryfarnham@uca.ac.uk
    Rochester: campusregistryrochester@uca.ac.uk

    Your Campus Registry office can be found at the locations given below:

    Canterbury: B1.06 (within the library on the first floor of B Block)
    Epsom: Adjacent to the main entrance
    Farnham: R31A (on the left, half way up the main spinal corridor)
    Rochester: 401 (ground floor, through the Zhandra Rhodes Gallery)

    Our standard opening hours are:

    Monday, 09:30–17:00
    Tuesday, 09:00–17:00
    Wednesday, 09:00–17:00
    Thursday, 09:00–17:00
    Friday, 09:00–17:00

Want to view your marks?

Visit myRecords

You can find a whole host of other information on myRecords, including term dates and how to change your contact details.