Eduroam Wireless Internet

How to connect to Eduroam

UCA offers wireless network access across all campuses for staff and students using their own or loan laptops. A good wireless signal is available in all libraries and in some other areas.

The name of the network is Eduroam. It is not an open wireless network: a user name and password must be supplied. The instructions below tell you how to connect.

Visitors to UCA and those without Eduroam access from another institution can connect to Wifi via our Guest Network.

How do I connect my laptop?

 How-to guides by operating system:

Please follow the instructions carefully. In all cases the instructions are for the most recent version of the operating system. If you have an older version, you are encouraged to update it.

How do I connect my Phone or Tablet to eduroam? 

iPhone / iPad

Please follow the instructions in this guide: Connecting an iOS Device to eduroam (pdf)

Windows Phone

Please follow this guide to connect your Windows Phone to eduroam: Connecting a Windows phone to eduroam (pdf)

What can I do?

Wireless network access is subject to the same acceptable use policies as wired network access. It is also restricted. You will be able to access the internet wirelessly for web browsing, FTP download, imap and pop mailbox access, instant messaging, and most other internet applications. You will not be able to access networ fileshares or other local resources wirelessly, such as printing.

Access for visitors to the University for the Creative Arts

The Eduroam network allows allows students and staff from other academic institutions to gain network access here at UCA and it permits UCA students and staff to access the network at other some academic institutions. 

The University allows visitors from participating organisations to access the Eduroam network here using their own username and password. Visitors should ensure that their eduroam setup is working correctly in their own organisation before travelling.

Access for UCA users visiting other institutions

Not all academic institutions support Eduroam. Students should ensure that their Eduroam setup is working correctly here before travelling. They can then log in at other Eduroam enabled institutions using their ucreative login and password. It is important that their Eduroam setup uses the username in the format give in this document, with either as part of the username or as the realm. Whilst some other formats will work within the UCA campus, only this format can be successfully routed by other institutions back to the University's servers for checking.

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is the roaming infrastructure used by the international research and education community.

Being part of eduroam allows users to access a wireless network at a visited institution (also connected to eduroam) simply using the same credentials (for instance, username and password) the users would use if they were at their home institution.