Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA adds more security for your UCA single sign-on credentials, giving more protection to you and your data.  MFA reduces the possibility of unauthorised access should account details be compromised.
Better authentication reduces the risk of your account being accessed by others, even with your username and password there will be an additional level of protection in place.

MFA or Additional Security Verification means that more than one piece of information is required to validate your right to access a system or application.  Typically you provide some information, such as a password, whilst additional information, normally time limited, is given to you like a code via text message. You may already be using MFA to access your bank account details on line.

Using MFA provides another level of security designed to offer additional protection to both you and UCA. Passwords and usernames are increasing a target to those seeking to gain inappropriate access to systems.  MFA enhances security by requiring an additional piece of information, over and above your single sign-on credentials before you can access UCA applications. 

For more details please visit Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Help section in myUCA.