Saving My Work

Saving work on a UCA computer

Student storage space

If you want your data to be accessible from any UCA computer, it's best to save it in your student storage space (available in different areas on Macs and PCs - see screen shots below). You have currently 1GB of space on the network. 

Alternatively, you could save it on an external storage device (USB stick, CD, DVD, external hard drive) if you take the device with you.

NB: If you save your files on a Mac desktop or in the Mac Documents folder they will only be accessible locally. If the computer is reloaded, the files will be irretrievable.

Saving your work in the student storage space on a Mac

Files by can accessed from any computer - look at the bottom right of the dock.


Saving your work in the student storage space on a PC

Files can be accessed from any computer.

  1. Desktop
  2. My Documents


Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is available to all students free of charge. The benefits of this service include 1TB of cloud storage (OneDrive) – accessible by logging in at