International Student Support

Specialist Advisers

We offer a specialist immigration, information, advice and guidance service to international students whilst you are on your course. Our Specialist Advisers are specifically trained and qualified and can be contacted via the Gateway in the library on your campus.

Information for international students

UCA provides a wealth of information to make it easier for students from across the world to apply to us and study in the creative arts in the UK.

Visas and immigration

Find out about visas (including Schengen visas) and your responsibilities when you arrive to the UK.

Introduction to UKCISA for Chinese students

UKCISA provides immigration, fees and wellbeing advice to international students, from application process to studying in the UK. Moving from China to the UK is a significant move, so our information is available to support you throughout.

English for Academic Purposes

The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) team provides academic English support during your studies at UCA (In-Sessional EAP). This could be embedded EAP support sessions timetabled alongside your main subject units or bespoke 1:1/small group tutorials and workshops. Further information as well as self-study EAP resources are available here.

Host UK

UCA is affiliated with the organisation Host UK, which links international students at UK universities with friendly approved hosts who offer an invitation to their home for a day, a weekend, or at Christmas.

International Disabled Student Support Service Statement

For more information on how the Disability & SpLD Team can help you, please see read our International Disabled Student Support Service Statement.

ActionFraud's advice on fraud and scams

ActionFraud have listed some of the most common scams circulating right now with advice on how to spot, report and avoid falling victim.


Prepare For Success

Prepare For Success is a free web learning resource for international students coming to study in the UK. It was developed by the University of Southampton with funding from UKCISA.

This online toolkit aims to:

  • introduce you to aspects of university study in the UK which might be new or different for you
  • help you prepare for any cultural changes that might lie ahead
  • answer some of the questions you probably have about studying in the UK
  • provide you with an opportunity to use and improve your language skills at the same time as finding out about studying in the UK



Differences in university study

Listen to international students talking about differences in study they experienced when they came to the UK. Find out what differences there might be for you.

The language challenge

How prepared are you for the language challenge ahead? Watch a video to learn how other international students faced the challenge when they arrived and find out how you can prepare yourself.

Ways of being taught on your course

Explore four common ways of being taught on university courses in the UK. Find out what to expect in a lecture, a seminar, a tutorial and a workshop.

Adapting to a new life

Watch a video in which students talk about the cultural challenges for students coming to the UK, then assess yourself to find out how ready you are for them.

Studying independently

Consider different advice about how to study independently and then assess your own study habits.

Academic writing at university

Do a quiz to find out how prepared you are for the academic writing you will need to do at a British university.

Critical thinking

Explore what critical thinking involves and identify any skills that you might need to develop.

Understanding course assignments

Compare course assignments in the UK with those in your home country and practise interpreting essay titles set by British university tutors.

Using what you read in your academic writing

Learn about the correct ways to reference what you read in your own writing. Find out how to avoid plagiarism.

Your relationship with your tutors

Listen to a British student talking about his relationship with his tutors. Do a quiz to find out what to expect of university tutors in the UK.

Using study time effectively

Discover what the best study routine for you might be. Practise organising a day's timetable for an international student on a university course in the UK.

Managing your coursework

Consider how you would manage the production of a 2000-word assignment.

Taking part in seminars

Listen to a British university tutor talking about what seminars are like and explaining what is expected of students.

Listening to lectures

Find out how lectures in the UK might be different from those you have attended before and listen for clues in a lecture that can help your understanding.

Reading for your course

Find out how you can manage your course reading list and learn to read more efficiently.

Skills for presenting in seminars

Think about the skills you will need if you are asked to give a presentation on your course. Watch a video of a student presenting to identify some useful techniques.

Working with others

Discover what group work involves and the kind of skills that students need to work together effectively.

Preparing for coursework and exams

Listen to an interview with a student comparing exams in the UK with exams in her home country. Identify ways to deal with some common course work problems.

Settling down to study

Listen to student advice on how to settle down to study in the UK.

Reaching the end and taking the next step

Do a fun quiz to find out how much you remember.

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