Liftshare scheme

Join UCA Liftshare – start saving money and the planet

UCA Liftshare is a free online car-sharing community exclusively for staff and students of UCA, aged 18 years and over. A safe and organised way to share a car, Liftshare connects people travelling in the same direction so you can arrange to travel together.

As well as lessening our environmental impact by reducing traffic congestion and air pollution through traffic fumes, car sharing offers you many personal benefits.

  • Reducing the amount you travel will mean you save on petrol, mileage and car maintenance costs.
  • Sharing your journey, or taking it in turns to drive, can reduce the stress of your daily commute.
  • Having company when you walk to and from the car park increases your personal security.
  • You have more chance of finding a parking space, because fewer cars means less competition for spaces. 

It’s really easy to use UCA Liftshare. You don’t need to car share every day. You can choose to share as little or as often as you want - even one day a week can make a difference!

You also don’t need to have a car. You can join and post journey requests as ‘seeking a lift’. And you can set your own preferences for people you would like to share with, for example, non-smokers or female sharers.

How to join UCA Liftshare

To join UCA Liftshare, follow these simple steps to register your details.

  • Visit
  • Choose the UCA Liftshare community that is correct for you – there are separate communities for staff and students at each campus. After you have joined, you’ll only be able to share with those in your own community. For example, if you register as a student at Farnham campus you’ll only be able to share with those who are also members of the Farnham Student UCA Liftshare community. There is no facility within UCA Liftshare for staff to share with students.
  • Enter your name and a valid UCA email address – this restriction is in place to ensure that the scheme can only be used by UCA staff and students.
  • You’ll be sent an activation email. You need to follow the link in the email to activate your account.
  • Get started and add a journey. Liftshare will then search for potential car sharers in your area using your preferences. For example, you can ask the database to only show non-smoking females that match your journey request.

Step-by-step guide

For more details on how to register and use UCA Liftshare, see this simple step-by-step guide

Please note that the UCA Liftshare scheme is provided by an outside company - Liftshare ( Limited). To join the scheme you must agree to the Liftshare Members Terms and Conditions of Use and Liftshare Privacy Policy.

Using Liftshare safely

As a member of Liftshare, it is your responsibility to check that the person you are sharing with has all the legal driving documents required, such as a driving licence, car insurance, MOT and car tax.

You are responsible for your own safety at all times. Although UCA Liftshare members can only share with other UCA staff or students in their own community, we recommend that you follow some simple security guidelines.

  • Avoid sharing your home address with your travelling companion before you meet them.
  • Arrange to meet for the first time in a public place, like the university canteen.
  • Inform a friend or family member of who you will be travelling with, when and where.
  • Make sure you see each other’s ID - UCA staff or student ID, passport or driving licence – so you know you’re travelling with the right person.

You are not obliged to go ahead with any car-share arrangement. If you have any doubts about your travelling companion, please don’t travel with them.

Keeping your personal information secure

The security of members is a priority for Liftshare who have made their website as secure as they can. All members' details are stored securely in their database and only members intended travel information can be accessed online.

For more information, about safety and security of personal information please read the Liftshare Terms and Conditions and the Liftshare Privacy Policy.

UCA has some administrative rights over the Liftshare scheme through a secure site called the Liftshare dashboard. The dashboard provides summary statistics on the use of UCA Liftshare as well as details of people who have joined the scheme and their journeys.

Dashboard - Privacy & Use

The UCA Sustainability Officer is the administrator of the UCA Liftshare scheme. For more information on how the administrator can use the data view the following document:

Questions you may have

  • Do I need a car to car share?

    No, many people are happy to offer lifts in exchange for sharing the fuel costs. On the Liftshare platform you can register your journey 'as a passenger' if you don't have a car. If you cycle or walk to work, it's always good to find a car share partner just in case one day you need a lift. If you own a car, you may want to alternate the driving on a regular commute, or use Liftshare on a rainy day, for example if your car goes in for MOT.


  • What happens if I find that car sharing doesn't suit me?

    If you find that car sharing does not suit you, you can stop at any time.

  • How much should I charge / pay for sharing a lift?

    Liftshare calculates a suggested contribution per passenger for your journey based on the length of your trip and using HM Revenue and Customs Approved Mileage Payment Allowance. Drivers can adjust the price within a capped window, to ensure passenger costs offset real costs and no profit is made - therefore not invalidating your car insurance. The contribution set by the driver using this system is fixed, making it simple and transparent for everyone involved.

  • What are the legal and insurance implications of car sharing?

    The Public Passenger Vehicle Act (1981 Section 1(4)) outlines the rules that govern car sharing. Passenger contributions should be arranged before travel and should not exceed the running costs (including wear and depreciation) of the vehicle for the trip. Liftshare calculates a suggested price per passenger for your journey based on the length of your trip and using HM Revenue and Customs Approved Mileage Payment Allowance.

    In most countries, insurers state that car sharing will not affect an individual's car insurance. The Association of British Insurers clearly states that car sharing won't affect the insurance of their members so long as a profit isn't made: "All ABI motor insurers have agreed that if your passengers contribute towards your running costs your insurance cover will not be affected, as long as lifts are given in a vehicle seating eight passengers or less. This agreement does not apply if you make a profit from payments received or if carrying passengers is your business" (Source: ABI 2012)

    Over 300 insurance providers are members of the ABI, accounting for about 95% of the motor insurance market in the UK. Drivers with any concerns, however, should check with their own insurance company as terms and conditions may vary between insurance providers over time.

  • How can I check if the driver's car is taxed and has passed its MOT? (UK only)

    We recommend that you ask the driver for the Vehicle Registration Number and make of vehicle. You can then check the details at

  • What if I car share and I’m off sick or have to leave the University suddenly?

    You will need to advise your car share partner as soon as possible, so they can make alternative arrangements.  

    If you’re a member of staff who is car sharing as a passenger, and need to get home in an emergency or in the event of an unforeseen circumstance in which you cannot travel home with your car share driver, you can be reimbursed for the costs of travel from the University to your home. For full terms and conditions, please see our Staff Guaranteed Ride Home Scheme document.

  • Will my personal contact details be visible to other users?

    The personal data you provide is controlled by Liftshare and subject to their Liftshare Privacy Policy. Your email address is kept hidden at all times. The only information that is visible to other users is your name and the journey details you added.