Printing & Scanning

Print and Copy Stations

When you enrol at UCA you are provided with a network account, this is connected to a system of Print and Copy stations. When you print, the network will deduct 'print credit' from your account.

Before using any of the Print & Copy Stations, you will need to purchase sufficient print credit. This will be added to your network account. 

You can print from UCA machines or your own device.

Print and Copy stations are also available for students to scan work. These stations have the facility to scan to single / multi page PDF's, TIF's and JPG's, up to A3 size. You can scan either directly to a memory stick or to your UCA email. This facility is available on all print and copy stations and is free to use.

Printer Locations

Printers are located in the library of each campus, and around each site at specific points to allow access for all buildings to printing resources.

Printing Formats

The Print and Copy Stations provide A4 and A3, Colour and Black & White printing. Recycled A4 paper is available in a printer in the Library on each Campus. Please ask your Library ICT Advisers for more information.

Printing Costs  


Black & White single sided

Black & White double sided

Colour single sided

Colour double sided











Print Credit

You need to have print credit on your account before you release your jobs on the print and copy stations.

You can top up your print credit with PayPal, debit or credit card.

Top up at Make sure you include ‘print’ in the web address, or you may not be adding print credit.

There is a minimum top up limit of 20p 

Please Note: We do not refund any unused print credit. Therefore please manage your account carefully, especially towards the end of your studies.

How to Print – UCA Computer

There is a file size limit for all print jobs. Print jobs which exceed this limit will automatically be deleted. If your print job is not appearing on the print queue, you will need to reduce its size.

All UCA computers print to UCA_Print, so there is no need to choose a printer.

The default settings are A4 colour, so if you wish to print A3 or Black and White, you must change the settings.

Please ask your IT Advisers if you require assistance.

How to Print – Own Device

You will need to be logged into the Eduroam wireless network to print from your own device.

Instructions for connecting your device can be found on the WiFi – Eduroam pages.

Follow the printing guide for your device type here.

Please ask your Campus IT Advisers if you require assistance.

Large Format and Specialist Printing

For information about large format and specialist printing services, please see ‘myTechnical Services in myUCA or contact your campus technician.

Flat Bed Scanners

All printers can scan up to A3 size, but there are also A4 flatbed scanners connected to the computers available within all Libraries.

Some Library's also have A3 scanners available to students. Please check with your local Library ICT Adviser for availability.

Scanning Larger than A3

There is a Digitisation Studio located in the Library at the Farnham campus. Please see their pages for information