Report a Repair

Fill in the form below to report a problem with your accommodation.

Please use this form for all repairs.

For emergency out of hours repairs, such as a severe leak that won’t stop, a total loss of power in the flat or total loss of running water, contact Security. You can find their number on the poster in your kitchen.

Important information:

Maintenance will assess the urgency of the request. They will respond as soon as possible but the timescale will depend on the fault. Please be aware that their hours of work are 09.00-17.00 Monday to Friday (not bank holidays).

If after a few working days the fault has not been rectified, please report this to the Accommodation Office.

By submitting this maintenance request, you are giving permission for staff to enter your flat/room when you are not there to repair the problem.

Your privacy is important to us

Our Privacy Notice lets you know how we handle your data, such as how we store and, if necessary, share it. By submitting this form, you are letting us know that you agree and consent to the collection of your data. You can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing