Frequently asked questions

  • When will I get an invitation to the ceremonies?

    All eligible students will receive ticket booking information in March/early April.

  • When is my Graduation ceremony?

    Please see the main graduation page for details of the dates and times of all the ceremonies.

  • How many tickets can I have?

    Your student ticket plus two guest tickets are guaranteed. Additional tickets will be allocated via a ballot.

    For more information see Ticket booking.

  • What do I do if I need more than 2 tickets?

    Please apply for extra tickets during the booking process. You will be notified of your final allocation after the ballot for additional tickets is completed.

    For more information see Ticket booking.

  • Can children attend the ceremony?

    The ceremony is expected to last anything from 90 minutes to two hours so young children may find it tiring.

    Any child over the age of four in attendance will require a ticket and there are no child concessions on ticket prices. Children under the age of four must be seated on an adult's lap.

    For more information see Ticket booking.

  • What if one or more of my guests have special needs?

    Please inform us of these requirements as part of the ticket booking process. If you have any further queries please email

  • How do I get a visa letter for my parents/family/friends?

    If any of your guests are from a non-EU country, they will require a visa letter to enter the country. Please inform us of the details of your non-EU resident guests at the time you book your graduation tickets. We will arrange for visa letters to be dispatched to an address specified by you before the ceremonies.

  • Are the seats numbered?

    The seats are numbered; students will be sat with their cohort with guests seated separately. Guests will be allocated seats with their party.  Please note, some seats are reserved for academic staff and guests with special needs.

  • When will I receive my tickets?

    Tickets will not be sent to you, they should be collected at your designated registration area on the day of the ceremony.

  • How long is the ceremony?

    Your ceremony will last anywhere between one and a half hours and two hours depending on the number of honorary degree awards and the number of students processing.

  • What should I wear?

    The Awards Ceremony is a formal occasion. In keeping with this, ALL graduands participating in the ceremony are required to wear a University graduation gown and to dress appropriately.

    When selecting your outfit - and footwear - you should be aware you will need to walk fairly briskly during your procession to the stage (this walk will involve some stairs).

    It is also recommended that you wear a shirt or blouse with buttons to which the hood can easily be attached.

  • When can I get a gown and order photography?

    The University for the Creative Arts' supplier for Academic dress is Ede and Ravenscroft. You may order your gown from 3 April onwards, and all orders must be placed no later than 21 days before the date of your ceremony.

    The University for the Creative Arts' supplier for award ceremony photography is also Ede and Ravenscroft.

    Studios will be set up at each of the registration points on the day of the ceremony.

  • What colour are the University's gowns?

    The gown itself is black and the hood is a combination of vivid green and grey.

    Graduation - Gown Colours by Level

  • Will I receive my certificate on the day?

    No. They will be sent, via registered mail, to you at your home address (or alternate address if supplied) by the end of August.

  • Are refreshments provided?

    Students and guests will receive a complimentary glass of Prosecco.